Ma Piscine (My Swimming Pool)

My Corsican Villa - Corsica and U Castellu Exceeded Our Expectations
Corsica and U Castellu Exceeded Our Expectations
July 19, 2018
my corsican villa - Life is good to us
Life is good to us
May 7, 2019

When we first built U Castellu, we envisioned a swimming pool but didn’t have the funds at that time to create it to the same quality as our villa.  It wasn’t until 1996 that we added a pool at the garden level of U Castellu.  We had no idea how much our six-year-old and the children of our friends would enjoy it!  But the most amazing aspect of having a swimming pool –which at the time seemed a “luxury” given we are so close to our beautiful local beach — is that it allows “adults” to enjoy a long leisurely lunch on the terrace, with the music of children’s laughter in the pool just below.

U Castellu Pool

Mon Petit Déjeuner en Corse (Breakfast in Corsica)
For me, I most enjoy our swimming pool early in the morning while others are sleeping. It is a refreshing end to a long “fast” walk (what used to be a jog!)  By then others are starting to wake;  we meet on the terrace outside our kitchen to share a cup of café au lait (Corsican coffee with foamy hot milk), the most amazing locally grown peaches and wild strawberries with crème fraiche(literally, fresh cream but it is more the consistency of yogurt but not tart or sweet…perfect!) and of course, fresh bread (the localfougasse is our favorite) with Corsican miel (honey) or myrtille (wild blueberry) preserves.  Others enjoy warm croissants …but not me!

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