La Fête des Mères

May 18, 2019

Today is La Fête des Mères (Mother’s Day in France); two weeks after our American holiday honoring our mothers.  Today, I find myself remembering how I came to own a villa on this Mediterranean paradise.  I realized U Castellu is “ma petite-fille”; here is my logic:  In 1984 while living and working in London, Attitudes Limited was conceived by me – it was my child.  Four very long years later, I successfully sold this corporate, brand and product communications agency to a Investor and Public Relations Group quoted on the London Stock Exchange.  Soon after the sale, in early May 1988, we visited Corsica for the first time.  It was love at first sight for me!  We left after two weeks exploring this island having put an offer on a piece of terrain on the hillside – just 150 meters from the Golfe d’Ajaccio.  A year later we purchased the land and started planning for our home which was completed – after 9 months of construction by gifted local craftsmen – in June 1991.  U Castellu was borne; since its existence was financed by some of the proceeds from the sale of Attitudes, she is clearly my beautiful granddaughter.  So today I am celebrating in the most beautiful place on earth … a place that continues to give me joy…joy I lovingly and proudly share with others …not unlike a very proud “Grandmère”! 

La Fête des Mères

It is fitting that last night we enjoyed a lovely evening at U Castellu with Sylvia Beumer. whom I met in May 1988. We met while searching for the right location for our Corsican home.  If I am U Castellu’s mother then Sylvia is truly our villa’s “midwife”.  She, a resident of Corsica from The Netherlands, was so much more than a translator; she loyally and lovingly supported the entire process along with our real estate agent Eric Cruau.  They both became dear friends who shared so much more than advice over the years.  Sylvia will forever be part of my U Castellu memories.

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