A new look for our kitchen
A new look for our kitchen
May 16, 2019
La Fête des Mères
La Fête des Mères
June 2, 2019

Pizza Pinga – a roadside pizzeria on the D155 – about a 3 minute car ride from U Castellu – seems to be the hopping local haunt on Saturday night.    

Sylvie, the renowned pizza maker of Portigliolo, has had a loyal following for several years. She makes  the thinnest crust that is still chewy, notcrispy except for the edges  – like pizza Napolitano- with the freshest ingredients. 

We enjoyed Pietra – the local amber beer  made from chestnuts – while waiting for our two pizzas to go.  While waiting, many people came and few left !  We felt like the only 2 customers who were not making Pizza Pinga their Saturday night venue.  The owners are very friendly.  

Once home, we put pizza in our oven preheated before departure while making spinach salad.  We ordered The Mombu (tomate, fromage, mozzarella, pistou et olive)  and The Rhumba(tomate, fromage, poivrons, aubergene  et olive).  It was a great way spend Saturday night at home enjoying the view.  Highly recommend Pizza Pinga!  

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