Morning clouds over the mountains of Ajaccio

The Sunsets never cease to amaze
The Sunsets never cease to amaze
May 10, 2019
Sky on Fire at 8_21pm
Sky on Fire !!!
May 12, 2019

There are some wonderful advantages to waking up to a cloudy day. When the sun breaks through, you sometimes receive a gift.   Today was one of those days.  We woke at 7am to a “grey day”;  ”Perfect”, we thought, ” for the painting project we have on our list!”   During breakfast, the sun decided to tempt us …it was bright and warm… but our determination didn’t falter.  
Late morning, we took a break to discover the most amazing photo opportunity while we enjoyed coffee on our terrace.  
Across the Golfe d’Ajaccio, there is a lower mountain range behind the city with its commercial and pleasure ports.  These mountains were no longer banked in heavy cloud cover;  the peaks broke through with the clouds still hovering below … The effect is mesmerizing … we are being warmed by the sun, as are these peaks, while the city of Ajaccio is still waiting for the clouds to burn away.

The first photo shows, in the foreground, the cyprus trees on the border of our land;  just beyond by the edge of the sea is the parking lot for our closest beach (I confirmed today it’s 2/10th mile/320 meter/350 yard walk); across the Golfe are the city’s buildings with the heavy clouds above; finally in the background are the peaks of this lower range successfully pushing through. 
A view I will long remember…
Below is a close-up photo that focuses solely on the emerging peaks.

Well back to my chores… more later…

Morning Clouds over Mountains

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