The Sunsets never cease to amaze

Lunch at Plage d’Argent
Lunch at Plage d’Argent
May 9, 2019
Morning Clouds over Mountains
Morning clouds over the mountains of Ajaccio
May 11, 2019

After 28 years of enjoying the setting of the sun from our terrace, I am continually surprised at the sun’s magnificence and the effects it has on the evening sky. This is especially true on nights like tonight; when there are wispy clouds to contrast with the darkening foreground of our coastline with cyprus trees standing tall and the tips of L’Isles de Sanguinaire across the Golfe d’ Ajaccio.

Of course, it is always fun to use props — like wine goblets filled with the local pale salmon-colored rosés to capture the golden tones of the sun. Tonight I end my photo gallery with the night sky viewed from our kitchen window as I finish cleaning up our evening meal…even dirty dishes can be fun!Our sunsets never cease to amaze …we look forward to what the night sky will bring tomorrow.

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